University Of Worcester

Making a decision about where to attend university is never easy since it has to be ideal when you start to consider the challenging three years ahead. Here are just five of my reasons for selecting the University Of Worcester; you'll notice that none of them have anything to do with the courses.

Why the University Of Worcester?

The Size of the University Of Worcester

According to the study in UK consultants, this was unquestionably among my top five factors for selecting the University Of Worcester. Fewer students equal better learning and one-on-one tutorials in the lecture or seminar. I had enough time with my instructors in my degree, and we met to discuss homework whenever that was necessary. Setting up tutorials with my supervisor during the dissertation period wasn't at all difficult, which was incredibly helpful when I needed guidance.

We are here to learn after all, therefore the more time we spend together, the better!

City and Country in One

A beautiful cathedral may be found in the heart of the city of Worcester. It is a city, so yes. But it's a little city, much like the University. For me alone, being from the nearby county of Gloucestershire, it's nearly like returning to my hometown. It's not very huge, but it has everything you need. Being simply a little city in the Midlands, you don't have to go very far to find yourself in the kind of settings I'm used to in the countryside. If you want to have the best of both worlds, coming to this university's location in the city or country is undoubtedly a fantastic reason to do so!

In reality, being close to home was a major consideration when deciding whether to attend university. My actual house is only 45 minutes from the University Of Worcester.

Earn As You Learn

The "Earn as you Learn" programme is one of the best features the university has to offer its students. This implies that you are able to work for the University while attending the University Of Worcester. A wide variety of positions are available at the university, including those for a drama ambassador, facilities, a university blogger, and bar staff. The University offers a wide variety of activities that are very beneficial. It pays well and allows you to interact with a variety of people you may not have previously encountered in and around the university.

It's wonderful since you can work a few jobs for the university, which emphasizes that your education comes first—something that not all local firms may do. A perfect chance!


There are numerous societies at the University of Worcester, including ones for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Ultimate Frisbee, and hockey. Everybody can find a place in society. Additionally, the Students' Union can assist you in starting your own society if there isn't one already. It's a requirement for university students to join a society, but I'm disappointed that I waited until my final semester of the second year to do so. Outside of your degree, it's such a wonderful thing to be a part of.

It's crucial to maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure, and you get to continue a pastime you may have started at home, college, or secondary school.

Accommodation while Studying University Of Worcester

For me at least, the University Of Worcester's accommodations are unquestionably one of its best-selling qualities. Some of you might be put off by the phrase "Halls" and the idea of sharing a kitchen and a bathroom, but in all honesty, Worcester's halls are magnificent! In my first year, I adored having an ensuite room in the residence halls on the City Campus. Before I had to start washing and ironing my own clothing, the first few weeks felt like I was living in a hotel room with an ensuite!

Housing Facilities

There are many other student housing options at the University Of Worcester as well, so if living in residence halls your first year isn't for you, you may always consider sharing a house, as most second and third years do.

The majority of student housing in Worcester is pretty beautiful, and nothing is ever too far away—either by foot or being close to a bus line! I adore my student apartment because I was able to personalize it and make it as comfortable as I could, which was crucial to me.

Wrapping Up!

These were a few of the reasons I decided to go to the University Of Worcester to study. I don't regret my choice, and if I had to do it again, I would make the same one. What factors do you take into account when applying to universities? Remember that attending an open day is always beneficial. Wishing everyone luck!